Members have the opportunity to participate in all the work of the Clubhouse, including administration, research, enrolment and orientation, reach out, hiring, training and evaluation of staff, public relations, advocacy and evaluation of Clubhouse effectiveness. This is what we call the Work-Ordered Day.

The Clubhouse model encourages participation in the ‘Work-Ordered Day’, where Members engage in meaningful activities side-by-side with staff, volunteers and students. Within Diamond House there are three units in which Members can participate. Members help maintain the effective functioning of the Clubhouse, increase their understanding of teamwork, learn how to delegate tasks and improve organisational skills.

Diamond House has 3 work units that work together in effective day-to-day operations of the Clubhouse.

Communication Unit: assists Members to gain skills in basic computing, reception, meeting procedures, data entry, public speaking, building relationships, promotional outreach, advocacy, banking, monthly newsletter, designing brochures & posters, general administration duties, program planning, fundraising events, policy review and strategic planning.





Member Services Unit:  giWP_20150707_004ves Members the opportunity to learn cooking skills, food preparation in the commercial kitchen, customer service and hospitality skills through working in the café, general maintenance skills in the garden such as pruning and planting, paving, painting and basic renovations.




WP_20150728_002Employment, Education & Training Unit: enables Members to return to paid work when they are ready, through our Employment Programs which include Transitional, Supported and Independent Employment. The Employment Program provides opportunities in a variety of different work environments, paying award rates, on a part-time basis. Employment is fully supported by Diamond House, Staff and Members in partnership with Community Bridging Services (CBS) and other Disability Employment Services (DES) Providers. The EET Unit finds part time employment placements 8-20 hours per week and matches the suitable Member for the placement. EET also identifies affordable and accessible training and study options.