Before Clubhouse I was lost and confused. I had been in hospital many, many times. I spent the early to mid-90’s growing up in a psychiatric hospital. However something was missing. I knew I needed more.

I visited my psychiatrist with my mother one special day in 1996. He told me there was a new place called ‘Diamond Clubhouse’ which was showing promise. Mum and I were excited. We dropped into the Clubhouse on our way back home. This place had promise – I knew it would ‘work’.

All these years later I still attend Diamond House Clubhouse. I learn something new here every day and get stronger and stronger as the years go by.

Diamond Clubhouse has made me into a better person: a person who is mature with his feelings, self confident and who has found some inner peace. I see my friends at Clubhouse as an extended family. Life would not be the same without the Diamond Clubhouse.